iCHi Mommy and Baby Wellness Center

iCHi Mummy & Baby Wellness Center is the first professional luxurious health services in Thailand for mothers and beloved babies. Located in the heart of Thonglor (Sukhumvit 55 Road), was established in 2013.  

With the aim of providing the best health and relaxation experience for mothers and little ones. It has a swimming pool service with a quality filtration water system and cleanliness comparable to drinking water. It is divided into large Jacuzzi whirlpools for infants (ages 1-12 months) and a large warm swimming pool for young children (6 months old and above). With trained swimming instructors for infants and young children. The classes are available in single, private and small groups.

We also offer relaxing massages for babies and young children by experts, as well as a relaxing massage course that caters to the health, beauty and needs of mothers. Whether it’s an aromatherapy massage, a treatment massage to prevent belly stretch mark for mothers at the early stage of pregnancy, to acupressure massage after giving birth. Traditional confinement with fresh herbs, acupressure massage for relaxing. Breast massage to open the breast milk ducts. A firming massage, in order to make mother’s body back to normal shape and as beautiful as before.

In addition, one of the most responsive services for newborn mothers is Nursing service, where we send a team of expert and experienced nurses from professional neonatal wards to take care of mothers and babies at home, after their returning from the hospital. It is comforting and greatly reduces your worries.

In addition to our services, we also develop products that meet the needs of modern mothers as well as little ones with care and full of quality ingredients.

With a long experience in healthcare, relaxation for mothers and little ones in many homes, iCHi Mummy & Baby Wellness Center is confident to take the best care for you and your little ones.