Baby 6 Months to 6 Years

Take your loved ones to swim in a casual way under the concept of “Play and Learn”, a resort style, as if visiting and opening up a world of swimming lessons for young children, complete with fun swimming equipment and learning materials, clean and safe, at high quality and standard.


Because of the utmost care, we focused on learning the pool water system until we get the ozone sterilization water filtration system that is safer than learning in salt water or chlorine pools. They will be learning to swim, in a large heated swimming pool, which is suitable for children aged 6 months and over. It is a unique course of institution that divides the teaching according to the suitability of each age group. The swimming will enhance both IQ and EQ under the concept of “Play and Learn” and “Uniqueness”. The convenience and comfortable to learn swimming at “iCHi” is different from the others, as it can designed by parents.

  • Flexible time – each week parents can choose a class for your convenient date and time
  • Privacy
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The “iCHi” group swimming lessons focus on small groups. For stratification, classes are divided according to the age range. To correspond to the appropriate development at each age for thorough care and teaching of instructors. Each class is on a small scale, with no more than 3 students per group and retains less crowded and private.
It also facilitates the parents in

  • Small groups – The teachers can take care thoroughly.
  • You can organize your own groups and choose study time.
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(45 - 60 mins)
฿ 3,800 (1 time)
฿ 32,900 (10 times)
(45 - 60 mins)
฿ 2,600 (1 time)
฿ 17,900 (10 times)

*Course duration is 6 months
** Learning duration depends on the age and availability of the students
*** Swimming Group. Please contact our staff for class schedule.