Because iCHi understands the problems of newborn mothers after giving birth as well. Therefore, we provide counseling and treatment services for all problems. An ultrasound service is provided to dissolve clogged lumps, including home-service breast massages for opening breast milk ducts by a team of medical professionals. The neonatal ward nursing team is trained in postpartum and infant care, specifically to provide services to mothers who are in breastfeeding period at home, saving mothers time to go to the hospital. And be at ease with our professional team and services.

Ultrasound Service to Treat Clogged Breast Milk Ducts,
Open Breast Milk Duct Massage


For mothers who suffer from a blocked breast milk duct, tightening breast when pressed, will feel pain, sore, swelling, redness, or if there is a hard lump on the breast when pressing. These are signs of a blockage of the breast milk ducts, which will affect milk flow to less than usual.And sometimes it can also cause a white dot on the nipple (white dot), this symptom needs to be treated urgently as this may cause abscesses.

  • Ultrasound to treat clogged breast milk ducts is an ultrasound for opening the breast milk ducts by applying supersonic waves to the cell level, which causes vibrations. As a result, the blood vessels expand, improves blood circulation. In case the mother has a clogged lump. Ultrasound helps to crumble clogged lumps easily.
  • Compressing the breast with hot herbal ball, this is the process of bringing fresh herbs that have the benefit of helping to open the breast milk ducts and the heat of the compress to bring the milk flow back to normal. Hot herbal ball massage will help you relax and reduce breast tension.
  • Getting your baby to breast correctly, after the ultrasound treatment and breast with hot herbal ball massage. The nursing team will take care of the mother to get her baby into the breast, clearing the breast milk will reduce the problem of clogged breast ducts, and get baby into the breast and suck correctly, at the right position and provide advice on how to take care of the mother during breastfeeding.

S.O.S Milk Recovery Service

Suitable for mothers who want to recover breast milk. After pumping and start getting less breast milk or having a contraction of milk, there is little milk, not enough. There are two types:

  • Mothers who have little or barely breast milk since after give birth, recommend that they should be recovered no later than 30 days before they have a chance to recover.
  • Mothers who have already breastfed and have distancing themselves from breast pumping, still have a little milk flow, would like to recover again.
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3 Times
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