With love, care and attention from iCHi Mommy and Baby Wellness Center, we offer home care services for mothers and babies after childbirth. With a team of professional nurses from gynecology and newborn ward, and got more than 3 years of professional experience.

Nurse Team Standard

From a large family to a single family, returning home the first day of raising babies stress. This problem is eliminated because iCHi understands the worry of new mothers after giving birth on their first day home. There will be high anxiety have to deal with the beloved little ones.

To take care of mothers and little ones since the first day of returning from the hospital Professional nursing services are delivered directly to your home. It is a very fulfilling response to the needs of new mothers and fathers. This will be the first assistant who has rich experience in helping mothers take care the little ones. It can also coach and train nannies who have no experience in raising newborns. To meet the quality and standards for both of cleanliness and safety, helping parents to feel at ease and comfortable too.

How Do We Help?

  • Take care and check mother’s health on a daily basis.
  • Teach mothers how to take the little ones into their breast properly. Including how to hold them belch, in different positions.
  • Help to take care of mothers in breastfeeding and clearing their breasts, and taking care of themselves during breastfeeding.
  • Teach new parents how to bathe, wash hair and clean their babies closely and correctly.
  • Teach the technique of wrapping the little ones correctly (it helps the baby sleep longer)
  • Reduces postpartum stress (Mama Blue) for mothers
1 Day
฿ 2,790 (3 hrs)
฿ 3,890 (8 hrs)
฿ 4,990 (12 hrs)
3 Days
฿ 7,500 (3 hrs)
฿ 10,500 (8 hrs)
฿ 13,500 (12 hrs)
5 Days
฿ 11,900 (3 hrs)
฿ 16,900 (8 hrs)
฿ 21,900 (12 hrs)
7 Days
฿ 15,900 (3 hrs)
฿ 22,900 (8 hrs)
฿ 26,900 (12 hrs)

*You can choose between day and night.
**If you would like to use the service monthly, please feel free to contact us