Another signature of health home services that newborn mothers can trust. It is iCHi Style postpartum confinement. It is a course, with more than 20 meticulous steps according to ancient guidelines. To help mothers relax and rejuvenate your body after giving birth, such as acupressure massage, body scrub, and herbal bath. With more than 10 kinds of fresh herbs and additional massage services, relaxing massage, oil massage, stimulating breast milk ducts. And assured that it is the most useful for mothers after giving birth. It is recommended to book 2 weeks or more in advance to get the right time as needed.

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3 Days Program
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5 Days Program
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7 Days Program
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14 Days Program

*Natural birth mothers can have postpartum confinement 7 days after child birth.
** Cesarean section birth mothers can have postpartum confinement after 30 days of child birth.
*** Duration of postpartum confinement is 4-5 hours per day (including breastfeeding and pumping periods)

Postpartum Confinement iCHi Style

Postpartum Confinement as Ichi Style will facilitate and enhance the comfort to the mother after giving birth and with peace of mind. The team will prepare equipment such as tents, chairs, massage cushions and various herbs, send to your home completely, as if moving 6 star spa to your home. Mom can ensure that it is clean, comfortable, and safe at every step. A professional team will take a good care the postpartum confinement course after giving birth, for according to the practices in the past, the process has been transmitted and practiced until today. In order for mother to get good health, restore beauty after giving birth and recover the body back to normal fast, this affects good health in the long run.

The process of confinement according to Thai traditional medicine.

Step 1 : “Physical examination” prepares
This will prepare making body to be ready before having confinement. Examining medical records, check body temperature, check blood pressure, confirming that it is in normal condition.

Step 2 : “Relaxing body massage with aromatherapy oil”
After physical checkup, it starts with a muscle relaxant massage to stimulate blood circulation system. This also helps to drive internal residues out of the body, reducing varicose veins, and swelling. This oil is very high in vitamin E, so it helps to moisturize the skin, and helping the mother feel very comfortable and relaxed.

Step 3 : “Facial reflexology and head massage”
It is a massage from head, relieve muscle strain, down to the nape, and shoulders, followed by a massage to relax the face muscles. Stimulate the cells under the skin to be alert.

Step 4 : “Hair pulling massage”
It is a massage for opening the pores on the head to excrete the waste. This reduces headaches and migraines.

Step 5, 6 : “Opening breast milk duct massage and hot herbal ball massage”
It starts with a massage to loosen the muscles around the breast, solve the engorgement by opening the clogged ducts for good circulation. And to stimulate more breast milk, followed by a hot herbal ball massage around the breast milk duct glands with fresh herbs that helps to tighten the breasts back firmly, not sagging after cessation of breastfeeding as well. (It is recommended to do at least once a month during breastfeeding.)

Step 7 : “Reflexology massage”
It’s a specific point massage to open the upper blood circulation system, to the expansion of blood vessels, to stimulate blood circulation and maintain body temperature.

Step 8 : “Lymph node stimulation massage”
It is a lymph node stimulation massage, that helps keeping the lymph nodes functioning normally and at the same time, it can also help increasing the breast milk supply even more.

Step 9 : “Foot massage”
All the nerves of the body is center at the soles of the feet, therefore foot massage is another important point that will help mothers to relax all muscles in the body, loosen the tense during pregnancy, and also help the lymphatic system, including internal organs function normally.

Step 10 : “Massage with an iCHi formula cream to reduce skin tension and stretch marks”
The cream that massages the mother will reduce the tension of the skin, which contains nourishing ingredients that help reduce stretch marks on abdomen, hips and thighs, which are a side effect of body changes during pregnancy, reducing stretch marks to be shallower and fade

Step 11 : “Herbal mask on the abdominal ”
It is about taking about 10 hot herbs to crush together, according to the legend of ancient medicine that has existed for more than 100 years, a mask is placed on the belly before using a steaming pot of salt and hot brick compress on the abdomen.

Step 12, 13 : “Steaming pot of salt and compressing the abdomen with fresh crinum lily leaves”
Heating the salt grains in the clay pot, until it is heated, followed by wrapping it with crinum lily leaf, then compressing it on the abdomen, which was applied the medicine. This helps to reduce internal swelling. In ancient times, it was believed that fresh crinum lily leaves were drugs that would help break up cellulite and reduce excess fat as well. This step will help drive out amniotic fluid and waste out along the pores. This gives the mother have a beautiful radiant complexion, straining the uterus faster, break down excess fat and also reduce aches and pains.

Step 14 : ” Compressing with Brick ”
Using hot bricks to draw out the accumulated water and evaporate from the body. The heat from the brick, helps the amniotic fluid flow easily, reducing inflammation of the uterus and reduce edema, allowing all parts of the body to drain excess water

Step 15 : “Hot fresh herbal ball massage ”
By using a hot fresh herbal ball that’s made of a special formulation for postpartum confinement and applied to different muscle areas of the body to reduce the stiffness incurred during pregnancy. This hot herbal ball consists of more than 10 kinds of fresh herbs.

Step 16 : “Cellulite Breakdown Massage”
It is a massage with creams and serums that are specially designed for postpartum mothers. There is a unique massage. Focusing on the upper arms, thighs, hips and other parts of the body that are enlarged as a side effect of pregnancy. In order to tighten the muscles and make the figure back to the original state faster.

Step 17 : “Steam tent with fresh herbs”
To be in the herbal steam tent, which especially designed as a unique specifically for iCHi. This step will help to excrete waste from the body through sweat. It is recommended to stay in the tent for about 30-45 minutes. The herb’s heat steam will help the pores open, the lungs and capillaries will expand. The freshness of the herbs will help mothers breathe easier. The blood circulation will improve, muscles relax and fat accumulated from pregnancy will decrease. It also helps to stimulate more breast milk.

Step 18 : “Polishing stains and dark spots to fade”
เป็นการขัดผิวตามซอกคอ ซอกรักแร้ ขาหนีบ และจุดอื่นๆที่เกิดจากฮอร์โมนของร่างกายใน ระหว่างตั้งครรภ์ ทำให้เกิดความหมอง การขัดจะช่วยให้คราบเหล่านั้นหลุดลอกได้เร็วกว่าการที่จะรอให้ร่างกายเป็นตัวขับเอง It is a scrub on the neck, underarms, groin and other parts caused by hormones of the body during pregnancy causing dull face. Exfoliation will help the stain loosen faster than waiting for your body to drive itself.

Step 19 : “Natural detoxifying herb exfoliation”
It is a scrub with yogurt mixed with herbs that helps tighten the skin, looks radiant and fresh. With herbal scent help relieve stress, stimulates energizes, and the feeling of being rejuvenated.

Step 20 : “Herbal bath”
After steam tent, having a bath from the herbal steam, which contains many fresh herbs such as turmeric, fresh phlai, kaffir lime, lemongrass, tamarind leaves, sompoi leaves, etc. The warmth of the herbal juice will help open the pores. It is the process of opening the skin for Let the herbs penetrate into the skin. It also helps to deodorize amniotic fluid and eliminates the dirt on your body, helping mother feel refreshed after the whole procedure. (There is a herbal bath every 2-3 days of the postpartum confinement course)

Step 21 : “Drinking Herbal Water”
Drinking warm herbal water to nourish the body. This last step will help restore the body’s balance to its normal. It stimulate the blood circulation system to walk easily, help to nourish milk and to maintain body temperature to return to normal and make mothers feel refreshed as well.

When we should have postpartum confinement service?

Natural birth mothers are able to have confinement after leaving the hospital for 7-15 days, for the flowing amniotic fluid to dry out quickly.

For safety, caesarean mothers are recommended to have confinement after a caesarean section about 30-45 days. Because the perineal wound on the abdomen should be left completely dry first. When compressing the abdomen with a hot salt pot or compress ball, it will not break the wound.

How long does it take for postpartum confinement?

It takes about 4-5 hours (including a breast pumping interval or already have had breastfeeding). Postpartum confinement of iCHi Mommy and Baby Wellness Center is a semi-contemporary confinement with modern amenities and still maintain the traditional process and method that will help the mother’s body to recover more quickly.

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