Exercise for pregnant mothers is very important. “Yoga” is the exercise of the body’s flexibility, breathing, and mental training that will lead to better concentration. It has a positive effect to the baby in the womb. And also helps to balance various systems within the body such as the blood circulatory system. Reduction of swelling of hands, feet and improve breathing.. Practicing yoga for pregnant mothers can also be great at relieving pain and tension during pregnancy.

“iCHi Mommy and Baby Wellness Center” cares for the important health of mother and baby in the womb. The “Yoga for Pregnant Mothers” classes are available both, in private rooms and in the pool. The mothers can choose according to their preferences and we have expert instructors with over 10 years of experience in yoga exclusively for mothers.



Exercise in the water provides pressurized underwater that helps the blood circulation system back to the heart better than on the ground. Exercise also help supporting the weight of the pregnant mother as well. Reducing impact and the resistance of water also make different muscles work better. Which the good swimming pool for yoga should be a pool that maintains the proper warm water temperature and suitable depth for safety.

“Ichi” has designed a pool that is suitable for water yoga especially for pregnant mothers, that is correct and suitable for the body. Clean and safe water with instructors who have at least 10 years of experience teaching aqua yoga. If mothers are looking for an aqua yoga class, you can be assured that “iCHi Mommy and Baby Wellness Center” will be safe, professional, caring and the best for mothers.

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Yoga for pregnant mothers is suitable for mothers who are from 12 weeks pregnant or older to near birth.

“Yoga” is a slow-moving exercise, low impact, high safety. Practicing yoga helps the respiratory system, makes the heart muscle strong.  It helps to stretch muscles, relieve various aches and pains due to weight gain, reduce joint swelling, and more importantly help mother to control her body shape and weight during pregnancy as well. Furthermore it helps in balancing the body, and also strengthens concentration and calms mind as well.

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“Mother and Baby Yoga” is another cute activity that can be done together with the little ones. Yoga is a useful exercise, it helps to strengthen the relationship between mothers and babies very well. It can start with mothers after 3 months of delivery and babies 3 months old or older (preferably at the age when the neck is getting stiff)

Yoga is an exercise that causes lowers brain waves, relax and concentrate to strengthen personality. For the little ones, it helps to strengthen the development of muscles, bones, wrists, arms and back muscles. Yoga poses will be adjusted correctly and appropriately according to your child’s age range. Mother and child yoga should have a specialist closely supervising for safety and correct posture. “iCHi” has a team of experts who are ready to take care of specific exercises for mothers and babies at home.

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Aqua Yoga
** 2 - 3 people / group
฿ 16,900 (group x 10 times)
฿ 29,900 (private x 10 times)
Prenatal Yoga + CrystalBowl
** 2 - 3 people / group
฿ 15,900 (group x 10 times)
฿ 24,900 (private x 10 times)
Mama and Baby Yoga
** 1 Mama + 1 Baby
฿ 27,900 (private x 10 times)