Many mothers are close to giving birth, in addition to preparing things for the little ones who are about to open their eyes to see the world. Still, looking for information to take care of yourself after giving birth? If the house has an old person, it will be recommended that the mother after giving birth to do postpartum confinement at the beginning. Therefore today we have information about postpartum confinement for you.

What is “Postpartum confinement”?

Postpartum Confinement is a belief that has been passed down by the ancient Thai people and is still quite popular nowadays.  In the past, people believed that women who had undergone childbirth would have many changes both inside and outside the body.  Therefore, there is an idea to use heat to help rejuvenate the body of the mother after giving birth to be as healthy as before.

The benefits of postpartum confinement according to ancient beliefs

The benefits of postpartum confinement are incredible to cover all the needs of a newborn mother, such as rejuvenating the body that is fatigued after giving birth, helping the uterus recover faster. Help to drive amniotic fluid, stimulates milk, blood circulation. Until it loosens the muscles of aches and pains.

How is the past confinement?

There are many traditional confinement methods used in the past and have different names depending on where the heat is placed and what equipment is used, such as “Litter Confinement”, is setting clay stove under the litter where mothers lie down, or “By the side Confinement” which we put the clay stove next to the litter at the same level as the abdomen.

But no matter what kind of confinement it takes, the duration of the confinement is the same, it takes 7-15 days, depending on the Thai medicine doctor who prepares the equipment. And the confinement must be controlled so that it does not get too hot because the mother will not be allowed to come out at all, in order to get acquainted with the heat and then being too uncomfortable again.

Besides being in a tent with the heat, the confinement process, in an ancient way is that mothers were not allowed to eat many foods that will affect the mother’s health and had to eat only warm food.

How is the present confinement?

As times changed, there were people who designed confinement to be more suitable for presenting lifestyle. “Confinement” in the past, which actually meant being over a fire, was transformed into herbal steam, bath, and massage. But what to do first and after depends on the recipe of the person being served. However, the main step that will definitely be required is a hot herbal ball massage and enter the hot herbal steam tent.

The acupressure massage is a massage using a hot herbal ball massage that wrapped with more than 10 different herbs to help relieve aches, pain and heal postpartum wounds after giving birth.

To use the heat and herbal steam tent is to enter into a closed tent and then steam with various herbs. You should not put your face in as it may cause a problem with breathing. This is because of the steam inside. When finished, you can take the rest of the water to take a bath as well.

Confinement from the perspective of science

Despite the ancient beliefs, the Thai Ministry of Public Health recommends confinement as an alternative to self-care for postpartum women. Because the current process of confinement is much safer, especially if you select a trustworthy service provider, that will be even more secure.

This is all about confinement in order to make decisions that many mothers have tried to consider. Don’t forget to take into account your own health basics and choose a reliable service provider.