For a newborn child, his daily routine is to enhance the best development. Today we would like to invite parents to enhance the development of your child together.

Know the different areas of development of children aged 0-1 months.

Vision Development

Children around the age of 1 month can see clearly when objects are at a very close distance, or about 8-10 inches only, but even if they are not clearly visible, they can still glance or look at moving objects.

Physical Development

Babies from birth up to 1 month are able to move their hands, arms, and legs themselves, but still cannot support their own heads.  Emotions can also be expressed through their faces. Whether they are making faces or smiling.

Brain and Intelligence Development

In children from birth up to 1 month, the brain and nervous system begin to connect and work better together. The child begins to learn to respond to certain actions, such as moving in a more comfortable position, as the mother holding, which the child automatically does when being carried and feels uncomfortable.

Emotional Development

Babies from birth up to 1 month can communicate their emotions through facial expressions and crying. In addition, at this age they can also perceive the stress of their parents. Therefore, if the parent or the babysitter is stressed or has an unstable mood, it may affect the little one’s mood that day more than usual.

What development can parents do for their children aged 0-1 months?

Visual enhancement

Parents can enhance the visual development of their baby by providing a suitable visual environment, such as hanging a wind chime or playing with your child with the movement of objects at a distance that is clearly visible in order to train them to use their eyesight. If it is a wind chime, it is better to choose something that has bright colors as it helps to attract more children’s eyesight. And if playing with the little ones, it should be slow movement from left-right or right-left and let him look following.

Enhancing physical development

This developmental enhancement is very easy because the newborns are still unable to walk on their own. But touching and holding the little one often will allow him to use his muscles to resist the carrying person. Parents can also help their little one exercise by holding the limbs to gently stretch and bend slowly for 5-10 minutes a day. 

Enhancing the development of brain and intelligence

Most of the enhancement of brain and intelligence comes from the environment around the child, such as reading a book, adults chatting at high-low-pitched voices. These environments stimulate your baby’s brain to work and gradually learn, therefore do these things on a regular basis for good development. In addition, the transmission of emotions between people in the home can also have an effect on your child’s brain development, so be careful of the unintentional transmission of negative emotions to your little one.

Enhancing emotional development

Enhancing this development is similar to the brain and intellectual aspects because it is somewhat related. It is important to try not to pass on stress or negative emotions to your child, and always try to approach it in a friendly manner. This development of your baby will have an immediate effect. Parents should observe that on the days when you are in a bad mood or unsteady, either it was because of that stressful day or there is too much to do, it will be the day that the little one is whining and pouty more than usual.

It is evident that enhancing the development of the little one can be done every day and all of the time. The obvious results of doing these things may not be immediately seen, but they will be evident at different stages of their age. Because the daily routine and environment that parents create are the best development enhancers for their children.